Our Program

It is compulsory for all bariatric patients to join our program.

You can also learn more about our program here: gastrictube.com.au

Weight Management Program

Lap Surgery Brisbane and Weight & Metabolic Solutions Australia is proud to offer its Weight Management Program.

Regardless of which weight loss surgery procedure you choose (surgical or non-surgical), you will be cared for by our team of highly experienced health professionals.

We are also happy to look after post-operative patients who had their surgery elsewhere. Our patients enjoy long term weight loss because of the expertise of our Multidisciplinary staff and our carefully tailored education and after care for months and years to come.

Our comprehensive Weight Management Program includes:

• Attendance in the appropriate pre-surgical education appointment
• Regular and ongoing medical check-ups, which are bulk billed and unlimited for the first year following surgery.
• A copy of all needed resource material
• Individually tailored handouts to help with your eating habits
• 12 months of aftercare with the Multidisciplinary team
• Diet Education and Visits with Registered Dietitian before and after surgery
• Pre and post surgical one on one consultations with our expert weight-loss psychiatrist

Importantly, all your aftercare is included in your once-off program fee with no hidden charges, expiry dates and any other fees from us, ever. We believe you should know exactly where you stand about your full treatment costs and will provide you with everything in writing.

Nutrition Post-Op

Follow-up following surgery, our team is available daily via email for questions and counselling for ongoing issues. We evaluate each patient’s individual dietary habits and nutritional needs. In addition, we offer nutrition education to help patients develop healthy eating habits and achieve his or her weight loss goals. Each patient’s vitamin supplementation, protein intake, and fluid intake will be addressed at each visit to prevent malnutrition.

Exercise Post-Op Follow-Up

Your formal exercise program should begin one month post-op.  Making regular moderate exercise part of your life is crucial to your long term success.

Medical Post-Op Follow Up

Our dedicated Nurse Practitioner will follow you after surgery to address your medical needs.  She will do so in concert with your GP and any Medical Specialist you may have.

Primary emphasis is placed on coordinating transition care of diabetes, hypertension and evaluating for possible surgical complications.  Any Surgical issues will be treated by your New Life Bariatric Surgeon.

Vitamin Supplementation Needs

Vitamin supplementation is very important after weight loss surgery. Gastric banding patients require less vitamin supplementation because there is no alteration of their gastrointestinal tract. Gastric bypass patients require more supplementation, which include multivitamins, B12, Calcium and Iron.

Patients undergoing a Sleeve Gastrectomy need supplementation with additional multivitamins and B12 because the surgical procedure eliminates the Intrinsic Factor, which is needed for B12 absorption. Our dietitian will work with you to establish an appropriate routine based on the surgery performed.


Welcome Pack
– Personalised Journey Diary
– Dietary Guideline
– Resource Handouts
– Membership to our Secret Forum
– Newsletter Updates
– Bariatric Verification Card
– Free Admission to Social Gathering

Pre-Surgical Assessments
– Initial Nurse Consultation
– Pre-Surgical Dietitian Consultation
– Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation
– Pre-Surgical Dietitian Review (Biochemistry Evaluation)

Pre-Surgical Dietary Preparation 
– BN Multi Vitamin Supplement

Post-Surgical Review
– No out-of-pocket for ongoing consultations (in Face to Face, Phone, Skype) with the Team for a period of 12 months (Unlimited) which include:
• Surgeon
• Nurse
• Dietitian
• Psychiatrist
• Exercise Physiologist (Subject to Availability)

Example of Review Scheduling:-

  • Two Weeks Post Operative with Nurse
  • Two, Four, Six, Eight Weeks Post Operative with Dietitian
  • Twelve Weeks Post Operative with Dr BraunSix Weeks Post Operative with Dr Braun (Band Only)

All other appointments are to be scheduled by patients to take advantage of the unlimited program.

We also include FREE Photo Shoot Session for each Patient (Solo or Family) to be scheduled anytime between 12 to 18 months Post Operatively.

For the photoshoot session, please email: elle@lapsurgerybrisbane.com.au

Dietitian’s advice would be very valuable, albeit optional. The cost of postoperative unlimited consultations is included in the weight management fee. We specifically book you in at certain milestones throughout your journey, however you are welcome to book in at any time for unlimited period over 12 months.
Psychiatrist’s advice is of a paramount importance, as behavioral modification plays an essential part on the way to success following weight loss surgery. The cost of this consultation is included in the package.  You are welcome to book in at any time post operatively for unlimited period over 12 months.

Expertise – Experience – Tailored Approach – Proven Results


Registration Form

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It is easy to download, print and fill out your forms:

  1. Click the links above to download the forms.
  2. Print the forms, fill them out, then you can either fax them to us 07 3353 8437 or drop them in to our offices at

Suite D, Ramsay Place
137 Flockton St,
Everton Park QLD 4053,


You will need Adobe Acrobat to read and print your forms. If you don’t have it, you can download a free copy here.