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Intended With You in Mind: Gastric Band Surgery

Also known as gastric band surgery, lap band surgery is one of the safest and least invasive procedures for permanent weight loss. A small inflatable belt is placed around the upper stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch. This restricts the amount of food that can be consumed.

The adjustable band was first pioneered by Lubomyr Kuzmak in the 1980s and has grown to be successfully used around the world.

Around 40-60% of excess weight is lost (and kept off) in the first two years after the procedure.

Lap band surgery cost

Our Fees (Private Hospital)
Uninsured – $8,650
Insured – $4,990 out of pocket

Our Fees (Public Hospital)


Additional Prosthetic Fees for Uninsured

Band – $3,650

At Lap Surgery Brisbane under Weight and Metabolic Solutions performs Lap Band Surgery Brisbane and Australia wide to help you take the first steps towards lasting weight loss.



Why Choose Lap Band Surgery?

With more than 10,000 successful Gastric Lap Band procedures performed in Australia alone, it is one of the safest, lease invasive types of bariatric surgery for weight loss patients in Brisbane and across the country. On average, 40-60% of excess weight is lost over the first two years – and kept off permanently.

The benefits of REALIZE and LAP-BAND® surgery include:

– Quick recovery
– Minimal discomfort
– Realize my Success – your own personal weight management program
– Reversible weight loss surgery
– Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, like our other weight loss surgical procedures
including the Gastric Sleeve surgery and Roux en Y Gastric Bypass surgery
– Fast operating time of about 30 minutes
– Less hospital stay, enabling most patients to leave the hospital the next day
– Customised, healthy weight loss surgery

About the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band

What is it?

A lap band used in surgery.
The REALIZE or LAP-BAND® is a surgically implanted device used to help patients achieve permanent weight loss. It consists of a silicone band, tubing and an injection port. Like other gastric banding products, the REALIZE band or LAP-BAND® is placed around the upper part of the patient’s stomach in a laparoscopic/minimally invasive fashion.

Both the REALIZE band and LAP-BAND® are used at Lap Surgery Brisbane and have been available in Australia for over a decade, though the procedure is often referred to as a Swedish Adjustable Gastric Band (SAGB) procedure. To date, more than 100,000 patients around the world have successfully used the REALIZE band and LAP-BAND® as a path to surgical weight loss.

How Does it Work?

Gastric Band surgery involves placing a small, inflatable belt around the upper stomach to create a new, smaller stomach pouch and slow down the emptying process into the stomach and intestines, ultimately limiting and controlling the amount of food you can comfortably consume.

Once in place, the Lap Band reduces the size of your stomach to between 15 and 30mL (about the size of an egg), while a normal stomach has a capacity of more than 1000mL. Through a port in the Lap Band embedded in the abdominal wall just below the skin, Lap Band surgery is the only weight loss surgery procedure that lets your surgeon adjust the amount of restriction as you progress on your weight loss journey.

The result? Each patient can benefit from customised weight loss treatment. By gradually restricting the amount of food you can consume over time with regular adjustments, the adjustable Lap Band enables a safer recovery and healthier long-term weight loss.

It works by:

– Restricting the amount of food you can consume
– Slowing the emptying of food from the stomach
– Providing a constant sensation of being ‘full’

At Lap Surgery Brisbane, we have performed successful Lap Band surgery Brisbane and Australia wide for many years to help patients reach their goal weight.

Diagram of the stomach and how lap band surgery will interact. Diagram of stomach post gastric band surgery.
Normal Stomach REALIZE band applied


Who is it For?

The REALIZE band and LAP-BAND are used as a weight loss surgical procedure in obese adults for whom non-surgical weight loss methods have not been successful.

On average, patients who undergo Gastric Lap Band surgery experience 40-60% loss of excess weight over a period of 2 years. In our practice, we consider it to be a more moderate surgical weight loss option.

While candidacy decisions for the procedure are made on a case-by-case basis, Gastric Band surgery is generally recommended for patients who have:

– A BMI of 35 or more, or;
– A BMI greater than 30 who also have at least one major obesity-related disease such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea or osteoarthritis


What Will it Accomplish?

In a US study, the average weight loss was 42% of a person’s excess weight three years after the device was surgically implanted. Almost three-quarters of the study subjects lost at least 25% of their excess weight; some lost as much as over 75%.

Weight loss can also improve health problems associated with obesity such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes.

The REALIZE band and LAP-BAND® are designed to provide maximum comfort as well as make adjustments easy.

Adjusting to your new healthy lifestyle includes following a customised dietary plan and seeing your healthcare team on a regular basis for band adjustments and patient care follow-up.

The Post-Op Dietary Plan

A key component of your ongoing weight loss after Gastric Band surgery is your post-op dietary plan. Our tailored, comprehensive aftercare program includes close collaboration between our surgeon, dietician, psychologist and exercise psychologist to build a plan that will help you succeed in your weight loss goals.

During the first month following the procedure, your diet should consist of only liquid and pureed food to give your body time to heal and develop adhesions around the band to keep it in place. You will then move onto a soft food diet for approximately two weeks, after which you will have the freedom to make up your own diet. This is, however, done together with your dietician to make sure you understand the best foods for your body as well as what you should avoid to achieve the best results.

Your Lap Band surgery diet will be carefully planned and structured by your Lap Surgery Brisbane healthcare team, who are available every step of the way to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals.

What are the Risks of Lap Band Surgery?

Many prospective patients are concerned about the possible complications caused by Lap Band surgery. While every surgical procedure comes with risks, the Gastric Band is one of the safest types of weight loss surgery with a very high success rate. Dr Braun will discuss these potential risks with you in detail prior to the procedure, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have.

Potential Lap Band surgery side effects and risks include:

– Wound infections
– Blood clots in the leg or pelvic veins
– Internal bleeding
– Damage to other internal organs
– Band slippage or dilatation of the upper pouch
– Band erosion
– Respiratory complications
– Long-term band failure

At Lap Surgery Brisbane, we take comprehensive pre- and post-operative steps to avoid the possibility of these complications as much as possible. You will undertake a thorough health assessment, physical exam, blood tests and medical tests to ensure Lap Band surgery is the best surgical weight loss option for you. Following surgery, you will receive nutritional counselling and a tailored long-term dietary plan and aftercare program to help you stay on the right track.

Luckily, most Gastric Band complications are relatively straightforward to fix. Make sure you follow your dietary and lifestyle instructions and continue having long-term check-ups with your surgeon at least once a year, so any problems can be quickly identified and resolved.

How Much Does Lap Band Surgery Cost?

Lap Band surgery costs can vary according to your level of private health cover, and there are funding options available for some patients through Superannuation.
For a more accurate estimation of the cost of your surgery, please contact us.

Helping You Succeed

We take a collaborative approach to helping you succeed in your weight loss journey following Gastric Lap Band surgery. Patients must understand that the surgery is not a one-off weight loss solution, and for best results, you must be prepared to make long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The keys to successful, permanent weight loss include:

1. Following Your Dietary Plan

A personalised, detailed dietary plan will be provided for you after your surgery. It is critical to your success to stick to it, as well as the following requirements:
– Only eat when you’re hungry.
– Stop eating when you start to feel full. In general, a small entrée sized meal will be enough to fill you up.
– Eat slowly and chew every mouthful thoroughly. Each meal should take around 20-30 minutes to finish eating.
– Keep liquid calories such as alcohol, juice, cordial, milkshakes, chocolate and ice cream to a minimum, as they will not fill you up.
– Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.

2. Regular Exercise

Diet and exercise work together to help you manage your weight and overall health, and as you begin to lose weight you will find it much easier to be active. Incorporating regular physical activity into your routine is vital to healthy weight loss and maintenance.

3. Meeting With Your Surgeon for Ongoing Support and Band Adjustments

Patients who attend regular post-operative appointments will generally lose more weight following Gastric Band surgery than those who don’t.

Dr Braun will schedule monthly reviews in the first year after the procedure to monitor your progress and make band adjustments accordingly. These adjustments take just a few minutes and allow the effects of the band to be customised to you and your individual improvement.

When you have reached your goal weight, adjustments will be needed less often and appointments are usually reduced to once per year.


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